My Home Spot - An Arctic Kite Adventure

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This summer was the worst since I started kitesurfing in 2006. Normally, the wind comes in May and continues...

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Dedicated to learn a new kiteboarding trick, you have to take some serious beating to prevail. Rider: Mike...

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Outdoor Interlaken Lifestyle Shorts (OILS) - VIDEO CONTEST These are the stories of the team at Outdoor Interlaken...

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In order to go higher and shred harder, you must learn the basics first. With a little bit of practice these new...

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10 min with my GoPro from My BD session, what an amazing Sunday we had!

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Wes Matweyew and JeffDavis Kitesurfing somewhere in the Turks and Caicos islands Sponsored by Cabrinha, NP Surf,...

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Wrap up video of the GKA Strapless Freestyle Grand Slam in Sotavento, Fuerteventura Canary Islands.  

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KITEPROJECTPR - F-One Kites and GUAYAMA KITE CREW at Cayo Barco Puerto Rico. Spot located at a mangrove island in the...

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Life is to short to be serious: Be yourself, be crazy and have fun ! This is a short video of my last trip in...

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After spending 2 months stuck on the couch with torn ligaments in my knee, I finally get the all good to kite again...

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It's always fun to jump high with a kite, no matter if you ride technical or just enjoying the hangtime, you just...

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The FLYSURFER ‘SPEED’ is a legend. This year in it's 10th anniversary, we present the SPEED5 in an entirely new...

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rlboards -kiteboard

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